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How to Avoid a Dead Medford Car Battery this Winter: Auto Repair Services at Crater Lake Ford

Posted by Michael W. Frame on Oct 17, 2017

The calendar may only say October, but we all know that winter will be here sooner than we think. To be prepared for the change in weather, you’ll most likely invest in some warm coats, boots, and gloves.  

You’re ready to take on winter, but what about your Medford vehicle?

Unfortunately, many people experience dead car batteries during the winter months, without realizing that many of these unfortunate incidents could be prevented with proper vehicle maintenance.

Take a look at the four things you need to do in order to prevent getting caught in the cold with a dead vehicle battery. In addition, learn how Medford Ford will check your vehicle’s battery, charging system, terminals, and cables for FREE when you schedule an oil change Medford or a Medford auto service.

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3 Tips to Keeping Your Medford Vehicle's AC Unit Cool All Year Long

Posted by Michael W. Frame on Aug 9, 2017

School may be just around the corner, but summer isn’t over just yet. Before you haul out the backpacks and jackets, take some time to enjoy the remaining weeks of sunshine and all things summer.

Taking off in your Medford car for one final summer adventure is a great way to enjoy the remaining warm Oregon days. But what’s one thing that can ruin your awesome adventure? How about your vehicle’s air conditioning unit fizzing out, leaving you feeling hot and miserable during your ride?

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The Evolution of Auto Air: A Brief History of Car Air Conditioning Repair Medford

Posted by Michael W. Frame on Jul 12, 2017

It's the middle of July—prime time for sweating it out under the hot summer sun.

And car rides are no exception. Hopping into a vehicle during the summer months without immediately turning on the AC (or even running it for a few minutes before entering) is almost unheard of. 

But automotive air conditioners of today look and perform quite a bit different from those of the past. Understanding the history of automotive air conditioning can help you better appreciate the cool rides you get the pleasure of enjoying today. 

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The Cooling Blast: How Knowing the Basics Can Prevent the Need for Car Air Conditioning Repair in Medford

Posted by Michael W. Frame on Jun 14, 2017

When a vehicle sits in the hot summer sun for even a short period of time, interior temperatures can soar well above 100°F, much too hot for even the most heat-tolerant. 

While jumping in and opening the windows can help to some degree, vehicles equipped with air conditioning systems provide a much more pleasurable ride. 

But what happens when your car's air conditioning system fails to deliver the cooling blast we've all become accustomed to? 

Understanding how your vehicle's air conditioner works can help you diagnose and fix issues—possibly even preventing larger malfunctions. 

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Why Your Vehicle Needs Regular Oil Changes in Medford

Posted by Michael W. Frame on Apr 13, 2017

Change can be hard—but we make getting on oil change in Medford easy!

We might be your local Ford dealer at heart, but you don't have to own a Ford to get auto service from us since we service all makes and models.

Our expert technicians provide the best auto maintenance there is to make sure your vehicle is running smooth and efficient.

Read on to find out if it's time for an oil change service and why you should schedule your appointment with your favorite southern Oregon Ford dealership!

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Jobs in Medford: Auto Technicians Needed

Posted by Michael W. Frame on Mar 8, 2017

At Crater Lake Ford, we want to hire the best service technicians because our customers deserve the best service possible.

If you have experience and are looking for service technician jobs in Medford, we want you.

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How to Prevent Car Heat from Damaging Your Vehicle—Auto Repair Medford

Posted by Michael W. Frame on Feb 28, 2017

In Medford, we've all experienced waking up to a cold morning, walking out to the car, and running it on idle to heat it up.

But, have you ever wondered if doing that is tough on your vehicle? You may be surprised to find after going into an auto repair in Medford during the cold winter months that your engine is facing some damage.

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Introducing the Hourglass Program at Crater Lake Ford

Posted by Michael W. Frame on Jan 23, 2017

Your time is important to us.

At Crater Lake Ford, we understand that many of our customers have busy schedules and we don't want to take up more of your time than necessary.

That's why we created the Hourglass Program. Read on to learn more about this exclusive benefit for all of our customers!

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How to Keep From Replacing Your Air Conditioning Compressor in Medford

Posted by Michael W. Frame on Jul 21, 2016

During the warm summer months, it can be tempting to crank your vehicle's air conditioning constantly. But if you do this too much, you could overuse the AC compressor to the point of failure. Here are some air conditioning use tips for you to be aware of. 

An AC compressor compresses refridgerant gas and pumps it through the system to remove heat and humidity from the air. 

Replacing an AC compressor is a costly investment. Thankfully, as much as 80% of the causes of AC compressor failure in Medford are preventable if the problems leading to the failure are corrected quickly.

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Does Using Car Air Conditioning in Medford Reduce Gas Mileage?

Posted by Michael W. Frame on Jun 22, 2016

Does using your car, SUV, or truck's air conditioning reduce gas mileage?

Before we uncover the answer, let's consider how the hot weather affects your fuel efficiency. Warm temperatures can actually increase fuel economy because your engine warms up faster -- just as long as it doesn't overheat

While this can be good news for your engine and vehicle performance, the heat is not exactly comfortable for you or your passengers. To combat this, many of us roll down windows or crank the AC -- both can reduce fuel economy. Here's how. 

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