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3 Tips to Keeping Your Medford Vehicle's AC Unit Cool All Year Long

Posted by Michael W. Frame on Aug 9, 2017

Car Air Conditioning Repair Medford

School may be just around the corner, but summer isn’t over just yet. Before you haul out the backpacks and jackets, take some time to enjoy the remaining weeks of sunshine and all things summer.

Taking off in your Medford car for one final summer adventure is a great way to enjoy the remaining warm Oregon days. But what’s one thing that can ruin your awesome adventure? How about your vehicle’s air conditioning unit fizzing out, leaving you feeling hot and miserable during your ride?

3 Tips to Maintain Your Medford Car AC 

To avoid a summer adventure disaster, read our tips to maintaining a healthy and dependable Medford air conditioning unit in your vehicle and learn about Crater Lake Motor's $59.95 air conditioning repair special going on now!


1. Run Your Air Conditioning EVERY Week

Cranking the air while it’s snowing in January may seem crazy, but it’s actually necessary to maintaining a healthy AC unit in your vehicle.

Every week, even in January, run your air for about 10 minutes to help ensure that the coolant circulates through the system and that the valves, hoses, and pumps are well-lubricated.

You may be shivering for a bit, but it’s worth it to avoid dripping in sweat because your AC unit brakes at the time you need it most.

2. Don’t Ignore Weird Noises

When you turn on the air conditioning in your vehicle, pay attention to any noises that are out of the ordinary. If your AC unit blows cool air, but is producing any type of clicking or rumbling sound, this is a good indication that you’re in need of a Medford auto repair service ASAP.

Rumbling may indicate a problem with the AC system or in another area of the vehicle. Clicking may indicate that the AC compressor is cycling off too quickly because of a possible leak.

If you think something may be off with your vehicle’s air conditioning unit, get it checked out by a professional right away to avoid major issues in the future.

3. Car, Truck, and SUV Air Conditioning Repair Medford Special

Avoid a summer adventure disaster by servicing your car, truck, or SUV’s air conditioning unit with our Medford auto repair experts.

At Crater Lake Motors, we’ll test your vehicle’s outlet performance, inspect the cabin filter and all major components, and evacuate and recharge your system all for just $59.95!

Whether you bought from us or not, schedule your Medford auto and air conditioning service with the experts and we’ll make sure your final summer adventure is as cool as possible.


Topics: Auto Maintenance Tips

Written by Michael W. Frame